Wednesday, 19 January 2011

Back from La Palma

Back to reality. Busy today so just whacked together a stir fry using pre-packed veg and sauce. Lazy! Will return to usual cooking tomorrow.

I thought I'd use this space to note down my New Year's resolution; if I write it down it feels more concrete. As a vegetarian I admit I eat pretty poorly. I am iron deficient (which isn't all to do with my diet, admittedly, but it can't help) and often feel tired or run down. Which leads me to the resolution - to eat properly!

By properly I mean using food combining to get all the right protein and utilising foods I don't necessarily like too much in order to get all the nutrients I need. For example, beans and lentils. Yergh. However, they are invaluable to a vegetarian's diet. So now the challenge is how to cook these things so that I will actually eat and like them!

In short, in order to eat healthier:
Combine grains and pulses in order to get complete protein (and eat more dairy for complete protein)
Eat beans and pulses which give protein and fibre
Eat more 'hero foods', such as eggs, dried apricots and spinach
Combine food colours, so if one day I eat greens, the next day I'll include yellows, etc

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