Thursday, 7 April 2011

April Cooking

So far I haven't done anything that requires reams of recipes in April. Have been and will still be keeping it healthy for a while due to health issues and simple due to time issues (and also, in some respect, health issues again). Some things I have done:

* A variation on macaroni cheese using a tin of olive oil and garlic flavoured tomatoes instead of the white sauce and a herby bread crumb instead of plain on top.

* Mushroom and halloumi burgers (with a quorn burger too) with salad and salsa in white baps

* Roasted chinese vegetables with coconut rice. The veggies were aubergine and pepper roasted with a sauce I got form the supermarket especially for roasting. I think it was Blue Dragon brand, but I could be wrong. This was perhaps less healthy because of the coconut rice, but I didn't fancy it plain!

* Egg, tomato and yoghurt curry. I might type this one out actually, because although it was simple, the proportions of spices would be useful put down.

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