Tuesday, 14 June 2011

On Thai curry

I don't make Thai curry very often, for the simple reason that it's so hard to find a vegetarian Thai curry paste in my local shops! But finally I have found a brand that does do it - Thai Taste.
They do pastes and ready-made sauces as well as other Thai miscellany (not all vegetarian) so finally I can start making Thai curries. For now I thought I'd try the ready done sauce above, so I don't waste a tub of paste if I don't like it.

Another thing - Thai curries seem awfully heavy to me. Even using a 1:1 ratio of stock and coconut milk, it's still pretty creamy so I think these will be occasional treats. I do love Thai curries though, so I hope that this solitary vegetarian brand is a good one.

Thai Taste: http://www.thaitaste.co.uk/home.html

Note: Waitrose also do a frozen Thai herb selection. It doesn't have the full range of paste ingredients and I have no idea whether it's in paste form or rough leaves, but it might be something to look into.

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