Monday, 4 July 2011

BBC Good Food challenge

I'm rather busy at the moment, and in the summer I feel like spending less time planning meals and more time doing, well, anything else. It's nice to know that your meals for the next few weeks are planned ahead to give the old noggin a bit of a rest (and to channel creativity elsewhere) so I decided to give the recipes on the BBC Good Food website. I've often used their recipes for desserts and I noticed they have a fair amount of vegetarian options, including salads, mains, BBQ stuff and dinner party bits.

I'm doing these more-or-less in order, although I'll shift it around a bit if needed and leave out the rare few I really wouldn't get along with (the Japanese pancakes come to mind). I won't type out the recipes again, but I'll link to the recipe and use my own pictures where possible when I haven't scoffed the lot before I remember. I'll also do more of a review for the recipe and how it turned out.

I also hope to gain some more inspiration doing this, and try things I wouldn't usually include on the menu, such as risotto (not a favourite) or bean enchiladas (ewww, beans).

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